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News: There Are No Sour Grapes Here

Article Date(s):09/28/2016

It has been suggested that we bash certain vacuum companies because we can’t sell them. That is False. We can sell anything we want. If we were just about money we’d just shut up and take advantage of the massive advertising expenditures that are very effective at convincing customers what to buy. Here’s a good ( true) story:

Even back in the early 1970’s big box stores were irritating, low-balling places and were the bane of small businesses. Hoover was always the manufacturer that had no scruples about whether these big stores used their vacuums as loss leaders. So at 1st our owner Harold Henry got into a head-butting contest with Hoover and eventually Hoover severed ties with us – we were no longer Hoover Dealers. Not to be defeated, Harold worked out a deal with the unscrupulous Hoover rep whereby they would meet on a Hammond, Indiana back street and The Henry Co would buy vanloads of Hoovers from him for cash. Next we would run big ads for Hoovers for WAY under what all the local big box stores had them for. It caused quite an uproar, and nobody could figure out how the heck he was getting them!

We also somehow sold Electrolux vacuums, which were supposed to only be sold door-to-door.

In summary – if we want to sell something, we can. But we don’t – because it’s not good, or we have something substantially similar with better features or for a better price.


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