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News: If you have WOOD Floors, Vacuum Them

Article Date(s):09/28/2016

If you installed or refinished wood floors & think now you won't have to vacuum, you are misguided for a few reasons. First is the obvious dust inhalation issue. If you don't have asthma or allergies you may not notice the difference, but brooming floors stirs up a lot of dust. Suck it into a good vacuum & get it out of the living space. Lots of people just "swiffer" the floors - myself included, but not before I vacuum! If you have sand in your area (eg., either coast, The Great Lakes, the Gulf region, Arizona, - ie., much of America), then pushing a sand-covered swiffer across your floors is like lightly sanding them. and you will dull them out over time. Check with your flooring manufacturer and you'll see that they will probably void your warranty if you're doing this, as they can tell by the scratch patterns you've created. Also – if you have cats you probably know that this lighter-than-air fur gets airborne quite easily if you’re just trying to push it around with a broom or swiffer. Sneak up on it with a straight suction vacuum and it’ll be gone.


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