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News: Why Not Re-use your Kitchen Garbage Bags to Save Money?

Article Date(s):09/28/2016

Here's why - because it's a filthy bio-hazard, a lot like the one in most people's vacuum cleaners. Dog-oil covered hair, cat-spit covered fur, food crumbs & various goo, cat-pee covered litter dust, etc. All packed together in a nice humid Petri Dish, fermenting and waiting to be poofed out for you to breathe. And then you leave in the funk-infused "permanent" filter to reek up the place every time you run it & continue to breed gross things. Plus, kitchen bags cost about the same as vacuum bags, especially when you figure that you use more of them per month than a vac bag. I'm just saying, if you're complaining about changing vacuum bags for whatever reason - cost, hygiene - then you should start complaining about the kitchen trash too, lest you make no sense. In Summary - nobody has invented a better way to collect & contain, & dispose of your dirt without blowing it around your house, all marketing aside. It's not free, but at a couple bucks a month & 10 seconds of your time, it's a good deal for clean air & minimal hassle. The only improvement to it has been that they've made thicker, non-explodable ones to combat the human negligence factors of over-filling or getting them wet.


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