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News: Over 1/2 of all Discarded Vacuums COULD HAVE been fixed for under $10

Article Date(s):09/28/2016

Vacuum cleaners have belts. Most belts are rubber. Rubber wears out & breaks (or worse yet, they slip, so when a good-intentioned consumer checks it, it's not broke, so "it must be fine". When a stretched belt is put on the floor, the carpet stops or slows the brush, you say to yourself, there's no suction! A belt is a couple dollars + a couple dollars labor + a couple minutes of your time, so do it at least once per year (twice a year is better). We sell a lot of belts to guys that find vacs in the garbage - a belt was all they needed! And a vacuum is one of the largest appliances to take up space in your landfill, since it’s mostly plastic. Stoves, refrigerators, etc., are metal and will probably be recycled and /or reduced before they are thrown away…




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