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News: Water is a Bad Filter for Dust

Article Date(s):09/28/2016

A lot of door-to-door water filtration vacuums have been sold over the years on the premise that all dirt picked up will be trapped in the water - that has to be right, right? WRONG! But how can dirt get out of water? Well, if the dirt is non-wettable or semi-wettable, it won't readily dissolve in water, and since that was the only "filter" those vacs had, these finer particles would either blow out into your house or, since it was damp, get stuck in or around the vacuum motor. (Some dirt does stay in the water, though, and since you see it right away, you're very impressed – the same psychology at work with bagless vacuums). Ironically, if you have sinus or lung problems, this is the very dirt that is most irritating to you. Examples of these particles include : Ash, soot, smoke (smoke is a particle, & almost ALL of it goes right through water - just ask your local bong or hookah salesman), instant cocoa mix (have you ever battled with trying to get that stuff to dissolve readily in your cup? It's semi-wettable!), POLLEN, ... I could go on, but if you own a Rainbow vacuum, you are issued a brush to clean the separator on the bottom of the motor after each use. If water kept in all the dirt, you’d never have to clean the separator.

 P.S. : For years these vac manufacturers have stood by their convictions about water's filtering abilities, but their new water filtration machines have a SECOND, NON-WATER filter to catch what gets through the water. So, what does that tell you?


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