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News: Don't EVER Buy a Vacuum Without Seeing (and Preferably Trying) It FIRST!

Article Date(s):09/28/2016


I know it's hard to resist buying things on the internet or infomercials - it's just so easy. They all look pretty good online, but there's no way to know how well they work or hold up, let alone if they'll do the things you want them to do. When you find out the hard way that the thing is no good, it's a hassle to send it back (you have to disassemble it to get it back in the box, etc.) but there's really no human accountability on the seller's part. They really don't care that you're dissatisfied. We do, and we'd rather avoid having you return (in person!) with problems and dissatisfaction, so we let you see & try product, and ask you the questions that you should answer before you can make a good decision. We fix a several thousand vacuums per year, so we get a pretty good read on the repair histories of the various machines out there, and try to provide the best vacuum available in a given price-point.

P.S. : Some of the better vacuums cannot be sold on-line anyway, or the MAP (Minimum Advertised Pricing) allowable by the manufacturer is much higher than what it may sell for in-house. So what's left to peruse on the web is never all that there is, & many retailer & e-tailers are mostly offering medium-to-lower-quality machines. So, in the words of our founder (back in 1939), Harold Henry : SEE, TRY, COMPARE!




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